WebARX is a complete website security and monitoring platform including web application firewall, up-time monitoring, domain reputation checks, and security scans on a single dashboard.

What can I do with WebARX?

  • Add Firewall protection to all your websites on one dashboard.
  • Up-time monitoring you will get instant notification if any of your websites is offline.
  • Add cookie policy pop-up to all your website with one click.
  • Be the first to find out what kind of vulnerabilities your website has.
  • WebARX will check if your site has a cryptocurrency miner.
  • Plan future development based on security logs.

Who uses WebARX?

  • Digital agencies who have to manage hundreds of websites daily. You can keep eye on SLA, patch the vulnerabilities and protect your clients websites.
  • Freelancers who are creating websites and offer their clients on-going maintenance.
  • Private website owners who have up to ten websites and want to keep the websites safe from hackers.

What sets WebARX apart?

Thanks to our own private Threat Intelligence WebARX analyses around 3000 hacking incidents per day, which we use to update our Firewall with the latest threat information. Compared to similar service providers on the market, WebARX has put web application firewall, uptime monitoring, domain reputation checks and security scans on a single dashboard, available even to a small website owners.

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