To check which WebARX plugin version you have installed on your site you have two options:

1. Check WebARX version from WebARX Portal

a) Log in to WebARX Portal
b) Click on a site on your WebARX dashboard you want to check the version of.

c) Scroll down and navigate to Software tab on your site view. 

d) On the software tab you have to overview of the software installed on your site. Look for WebARX from the list.

You can update your WebARX version directly from the Software tab, if your plugin is outdated. 

2. Check WebARX version from your WordPress site

a) Login to your WordPress site.
b) On your WordPress dashboard navigate to Plugins.
c) Find the WebARX plugin on your plugins list. 

You can update the plugin directly from your plugins list as seen from the example above. 

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