We are very thankful for the AppSumo community to help us launch the product in 2018. Our campaign was a huge success and the feedback to our product clearly shows that we solve the website security issue from the right angle.

If you managed to be lucky enough to get yourself an AppSumo code for discounted WebARX access, you had to redeem it under your account by January first 2019 (We extended the original redemption period from October to January so people who forgot could redeem their codes).

After January 2019, the codes are officially discarded and can't be assigned to any account. This also prohibits transferring previously redeemed codes to secondary accounts.

PS! (Transferring is prohibited also to avoid breaking AppSumo terms of service to prevent code re-selling: AppSumo stated the following - "Reselling deals is a big no-no and a direct violation of our Terms of Use. ")

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