Upcoming Changes

Nothing to announce to the public yet.

Most Recent Changes

Plugin - December 9th 2020

  • Version 2.0.15
  • Added: Checkbox to disable the WordPress 5.6 application passwords feature, turned on by default.
  • Changed: The "tested up to value". WebARX has been tested and works fine with WordPress 5.6.

Portal - December 16th 2020

  • Added: New notification system which allows you to fine-tune your notification alert rules.
  • Changed: Completely reworked the interface and user experience of the portal.
  • Fixed: Issue where the remote management pages (hardening) does not work.
  • Fixed: SSL certificate and domain name expiration not being properly updated.
  • Fixed: Performance of the portal has been significantly improved.
  • Fixed: Issue where the banned IP addresses page accepted an invalid response from the site and would attempt to display it on the page.
  • Fixed: Turning off the malware removal guarantee will keep it turned on until the end of the billing term for which you paid.

Past Changes



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