Upcoming Changes

Nothing to announce to the public yet.

Most Recent Changes

Plugin - May 1st 2020

  • Version 2.0.12
  • Added: Ping that will send a ping to our API every so often to determine the state of the plugin and firewall.
  • Added: Message indicating that the backup feature will be remove on June 1st, 2020.
  • Fixed: Some errors that would occur on older PHP versions.
  • Fixed: The cache-control header has been added to the firewall error page to make sure that caching plugins and servers do not cache the error page. (Cache-Control: no-store)
  • Fixed: Issue where disabling the firewall would not actually turn off the firewall.
  • The GeoIP database has also been updated.

Portal - May 1st 2020

  • Added: Message that displays if the firewall or plugin is not running. This relies on the ping feature of the plugin.
  • Changed: Some of the buttons and options on the component page have been adjusted.
  • Fixed: Issue where the banned IP addresses tab would not parse the response properly.

Past Changes



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