Removing a website from the portal is easy. If you would like to remove or delete some site from your account, then you just need to go the website view and click on "Delete".

Use cases:

  1. Your websites limit is running out and you have more important sites to add.
  2. Your customer don't need any more website protection and monitoring (yeah, living on the edge 💪)

Make these five steps for remove site from WebARX:

1. Log in to the portal:

2. Use the search function on the dashboard

3. Type in the name of the site which you would like to remove, press enter and click on the website name

4. Scroll to the bottom of the site view
5. Choose "Manage Website" and click "Delete" on the left

6. Confirm that you want to remove/delete the site permanently. All logs and data will be lost after that. You can add the site anytime again to the portal and start monitoring if you change your mind.

Also, read news about website security from our security blog.

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