WebARX performs malware removal only as a hands-on manual service.

We perform malware removal only as a manual service, because automated clean-ups are not effective and usually leave backdoors to the site, so even if the consequences (infection on front-page, etc) is cleaned, attacker still has access to the site and they will re-infect it.

Automated clean-ups also ignore forensics in cybersecurity and actually are destroying cybercrime evidence.

This is why we don't have "automatic one-click malware removals". Simply said, instead of throwing out the bad guys on a regular basis, we believe in taking real effort and getting rid of malware and backdoors for good.

Malware infection is the result of a problem. As far as you don’t solve the problem, you will end up in a dead circle of infections and cleanups.

If you have any indication that your site is hacked, we will help you with manual clean-up so that you can be sure that your sites are cleaned from backdoors, patched and protected with us.

How much does it cost?

You will get malware removal, 12 months protection + guarantee for just $249.

Included in the deal:

  • Guaranteed clean-up done manually
  • Complete security analysis
  • Security hardening by expert
  • WAF (firewall) free setup
  • Blacklist de-listing
  • 12 months WebARX license
  • 12 months malware removal guarantee
  • Chat support with security team

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